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Gutter Cleaning

Clogged rain gutters and downspouts can have very damaging effects if left untreated.  ​

Your home’s health can be severely affected by gutters that are full of leaves or twigs or branches.   Even a small handful of debris can cause water backup and damage.

Reliable Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

An abundance of rain water that sits in your gutter  will spill over the front of the gutter and wash away decorative landscaping that you might have. It can cause water seepage and cracks in your foundation. The deterioration of the wood on your roof and your fascia gets worse as  rainfall will spill behind clogged gutters.

To avoid these damaging problems, your gutters must remain free of debris all year round. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous, so  please don’t  risk your safety or waste countless hours trying to keep up with this dangerous chore. Old Dominion Cleaning Co., Inc. will clean your gutters as often as you need in the late Spring or late Fall.